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ESET 0259 SCADA and Telemetry 5 credits

Explains the parts and technologies that make up a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and provides tools used in applying the technology to Smart Grid. This course addresses the various components of a SCADA system including sensor and telemetry components, the background and history of component technologies, and the base standards that apply to SCADA installations. In this course students will design a SCADA system for potential application in Smart Grid, identify the limitations of SCADA systems and vulnerabilities of the design, determine the “scan time” required for SCADA systems of various sizes, and evaluate the Human Machine Interface requirements for the system. COREQ:  ESET 0253, ESET 0254, ESET 0255, ESET 0256A, ESET 0257, and ESET 0258. F

Course Syllabus

Course syllabus

System security engineering
Distributed systems security
Risk management
Industrial control systems
Security program management

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