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Lower division courses that have content useful to the Information Assurance student include the following.


LAWE 1178 Law I 3 credits.
This course is an orientation to methods, practices, and procedures in Idaho Criminal Law. Course work includes instruction in basic laws and powers derived from the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions, classification of crimes, punishments, and procedural law dealing with search and seizure and rules of evidence.
LAWE 1179 Law II 3 credits.
This course is a continuation of LAWE 1178. PREREQ: LAWE 1178. F, S
POLS 2249 Introduction to Criminal Law 3 credits.
The major categories of criminal liability are studied within the context of American criminal justice. These include crimes against individuals, property, and society. Defenses available to those accused of criminal activity are also discussed. D
MGT 2261 Legal Environment of Organizations 3 credits
Covers the legal, ethical, social, economic, political, and regulatory environment of business. Topics include: Business ethics, constitutional law, tort law, product liability, antitrust, employment law, securities regulation, and bankruptcy. PREREQ: Sophomore standing. F, S, Su
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