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IA/CD Taught in Existing Non-IA/CD Courses

INFO 1101
Digital Literacy is a class that combines a traditional lecture on information assurance with a blended learning component that allows the students to expand their knowledge on a specific IA topic. This is a multi-disciplinary course that fulfills a general education requirement at ISU.
INFO 3310
Introduction to Information Assurance is a course that introduces the concepts of information assurance in the virtual and physical world. This class focuses on the MSR model for information assurance and requires research papers (flipped instructional model) to emphasize critical thinking and the technique of synthesizing of research to influence their thoughts on cyber security. Students taking this class include international students and students from the College of Technology as well as other students from multiple disciplines.
INFO 3307
Systems Analysis and Design includes the capture of secure software requirements as well as all of the security requirements from various stakeholders to understand the sources and processes needed to ensure a more effective design. This class is open to students from multiple disciplines.
ITS 0170
Computer Peripheral Equipment – embraces the security involved input, output and storage devices
TS 0180
Network Operating Systems – This is an intensive introduction to multi-user, multi-tasking networking operating systems covering current industry operating systems software with hands-on exposure to installation procedures and implementing security safeguards.
ITS 0230
Wireless Technologies – Involves a comprehensive overview of technologies, security, and design best practices with emphasis on hands-on skills.
ITS 0240
Securing the LAN – Combines the design and implementation of security solutions for LANs that will reduce the risk of revenue loss and vulnerability.
ESET 0253
Introduction to the Smart Electric Power Grid – An overview of the technologies used in Smart Grid to enhance reliability, security, robustness and efficiency of transmission and distribution systems.
ESET 0258
Smart Grid Command and Control - This course builds understanding of the control network from the generation site to the end appliance in a residential home, including networking theory, efficacy of various radio technologies, protocols, and security issues.
ESET 0281
Critical Infrastructure Data Security - Introduction to data security issues including basic encryption and decryption techniques and secure encryption systems. Study includes cryptographic protocols and practices, security in networks and distributed systems and legal and ethical issues in computer security.
ESET 0282
Wireless Network Security - Overview of wireless networks with a focus on threats, discussion of proposed solutions and their limitations. Topics will include authentication, secure hand-offs, key management in wireless networks, attacks on MAC protocols, selfish and malicious behavior in wireless routing protocols, secure multicast.
ESET 0283
Information System Security Design - Examination of the design methods and techniques for the development of safety and security critical information systems. Secure software design and implementation and information infrastructure maintenance and reliability are examined. An overview of the development of specification, design and analysis of mission-critical system attributes.
ESET 0285
Information System Reliability- The design and analysis methods for high security control and data systems by improving system reliability and security requirements, the specification of mission-critical system properties as well as software and hardware validation, verification, and certification.
ESET 0286
Critical Network Security – A comprehensive review and analysis of current and developing control and data system networks including host-based and network-based intrusion detection, anomaly and misuse detection. The review includes network security appliances, including firewalls and access control devices.
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