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Information Assurance is a complex blend of knowledges, skills, and attitudes. It is interdisciplinary. It brings together material from many different disciplines.

The Information Assurance Program (IAP) at Idaho State University the Information Assurance Program curriculum resides within the Informatics department in the College of Business. Students in the program take many required courses that support their knowledge of many supporting areas.

We have divided these courses into four categories, critical infrastructure, lower division, upper division, and graduate.

  • Lower division courses are open to all undergraduates who have the appropriate prerequisites. These come from many departments and colleges campus wide.
  • Upper division courses are reserved for individuals who have Junior standing and have the appropriate prerequisites.
  • Graduate courses are reserved for individuals admitted to the Graduate school. Some may require admission to specific graduate programs.
  • Critical Infrastructure Security courses are reserved for Idaho State University's Vocational Technology program. Students need special permission to participate in these courses.

Links to the respective course groups can be found using the dropdown list at the top of the page.

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