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Projects and Accomplishments

Model Security Operations Center

NIATEC/SFS students developed and constructed a fully-operational security operations center to monitor traffic and evaluate potential threats and vulnerabilities to the local university network infrastructure.

SCADA and Control System

All current NIATEC/SFS students work with securing SCADA and Control System in conjunction with experts in the field. They secure real systems with modern technology.


NIATEC/SFS students developed the Penetration, Attack & Network Defense Operations Research Apparatus. PANDORA, originally designed as an attack platform, is presently deployed as a defensive platform that provides researchers an isolated and controlled environment to study defense methodologies, strategies, and tactics.

National Standards

NIATEC/SFS students developed elements of CNSS standards 4011 through 4016.

CNSSI 4012 Curriculum Deployment

NIATEC/SFS students created a web-based training course for Senior Systems Mangers (DAA) in the certification and accreditation process in accordance with the CNSSI 4012.

Cyber Security Competitions

NIATEC/SFS participants lead and manage red and white teams for cyber security competitions. They develop and implement all injects and scoring.

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