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The Information Assurance program offers students many different opportunities throughout their time spent in the program. During their time in the program, they are required to participate in government-contracted internships, in order to help further their search for a job. While during the school year they are sent to Washington DC for an annual job fair and to represent the Idaho State University National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC) program. Students also receive hands-on experience with everyday tasks that they will experience before heading to the workforce as well as having the opportunity to earn certificates that can help better their career. Before leaving the program and graduating from Idaho State University students will have secured a job. 

Continuing Education

As part of the Speakers Bureau (below), speakers are avaliable to discuss any of the ISU IAP Core Competencies


From time to time our staff serves as journal editors and conference coordinators. We encourage faculty and students to participate in these professional outlets.

In Service Classes

In conjunction with the College of Education, we offer courses for primary and secondary school teachers and administrators. These courses are designed to be outreach training so they can bring ethics, computer security and Information Assurance to their schools

Professional Development

As part of the Speakers Bureau (below), speakers are avaliable to discuss any of the ISU IAP Core Competencies

Speakers Bureau

Members of the Informatics Research Institute speakers bureau are available to speak to organizations world-wide at cost. Speakers are available for many topics including

  • Information Assurance
  • Computer Security
  • Introductory computer forensics
  • Terrorism
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Instructional Design
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