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Teaching Considerations

A. Suggested Schedule:

The following sample module plan is based on the offering of three to six hours of lectures.

Ethics 0.2 to.5 hour
Computer Room Environment 0.2 to.5 hour
Physical Security 0.2 to.5 hour
Data Security 0.5 to 1 hour
Security Training 0.1to0.2 hour

B. Homework and Lab Exercises

Following are examples of Class /Lab/ Paper exercises to enhance the lecture material for the module.

  • Visit the microcomputer facility. Interview users and staff, asking their opinions about the ethical considerations discussed in class.
  • Examine the computer laboratory, identifying potential problems with physical security.
  • Design a security backup procedure for a personal computer/ workstation.
  • Recover a ‘lost’ file/program from a disk.


Johnson, Douglas W., Computer Ethics: A Guide for the New Age, The Brethren Press, 1984.
This low-cost, readable paperback book introduces critical issues, including: personal data, decision-making and identifying, building and maintaining ethics in a computer society. This book addresses the question of ethics in the indiscriminate use of the personal computer. The concept of what ethics are is proposed and suggestions are made for establishing a code for personal computer use.
Department of Defense, “Personal Computer Security Considerations,” NCSC-WA-002-85, Dec. 1985
This publication provides a general discussion of some issues pertinent to microcomputer security in the home and business environment.
DATAPRO Research Corp., “Data Pro Reports on Information Security”, 1988
This is a collection of reports dealing with all aspect of information security. Reports IS30-xxx-xxx are primarily concerned with the subject of microcomputer security.
DATAPRO Research Corp.
Delran, NJ 08075 (800) 328-2776
Richards, T., Schou, C.D. & Fites, P.E. “Information Systems Security Laws and Legislation,” in Information Security Modules, Department of Defense, 1989.
Richards, et. al. review topics, timely laws and legislation about computer security as it relates to the individual and the organization.
NIATEC National Science Foundation Information Assurance Directorate Department of Homeland Security CISSE Scholarship For Service