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INFO 5512/6612 Systems Security for Senior Management 1-3 Credits

Course Designator INFO 5512 INFO 6612 General Background
Course Title: Systems Security for Senior Management
Course Length: 15 contact hours, five three hour sessions plus research time
Course Description: Review of system architecture, system security measures, system operations policy, system security management plan, and provisions for system operator and end user training. PREREQ: INFO 4410/5510 or permission of instructor. D
Prerequisites INFO 4411/5511, INFO 4413/5513, INFO 4414/5514, INFO 4415/5515
Course Learning Objective: The student will analyze and judge the information provided in a report for validity and reliability to ensure system will operate at the proposed level of trust. They will be expected to evaluate the architecture, system security measures, system operations policy, system security management plan, and provisions for system operator and end user training.
  • They will be expected to allocate scarce resources to achieve an acceptable level of security
  • They should be able to make decisions about approving additional security services necessary to interconnect to external systems
  • They should understand how to assign Information Assurance responsibilities to the individuals throughout an organization
  • They should understand the systems acquisition process and how Information Assurance should be planned in from the beginning
  • They should understand the importance and associated consequences of giving approval to operate an Information System or network in a specified security mode
  • They should be able to read and interpret the results of an accreditation study as shown by the accreditation documentation
Major Topics: TEXT USED is CNSS 4012 Materials from http://NIATEC.INFO
  • Access Control Techniques
  • Administrative Techniques
  • Communications Security
  • Continuity Of Operations (Coop)
  • Legal Liabilities Issues
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Policy
  • Risk Management
  • Tempest, EMP/HEMP, and Electronic Emanation
  • Threats And Incidents
Competencies Required For more information on 4012 Competencies in this course see Competencies
Method of Instruction: This is a lecture course involving business planning and evaluation of a security plan. As a final capstone.
Evaluation Methods: The students are evaluated based their understanding of the lecture materials and of their ability to evaluate an accreditation report
Student Enrollment: Split evenly between undergraduate and certificate programs. This course functions as a final capstone course.

This course covers the essentials elements of CNSS 4012 and prepares students to understand the requirements of the Designated Approving Authority (DAA) or Senior Security Manager (SSM).

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