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INFO 1120 Web Development: Client-side Programming 3 credits

Introduces interactive web development using a client-side language like JavaScript. Basic programming concepts common to almost all programming languages form the basis of the course. Exercises are designed to enhance students' problem solving techniques and analytical thinking skills. PREREQ: INFO 1110 or permission of instructor. D

Exercises are designed to enhance students' problem solving techniques and analytical thinking skills.

The course will require considerable effort in designing, coding, and debugging interactive web pages. While the concepts taught in this course are relatively simple, the development of interactive web pages can be challenging and time consuming.

Course Objectives
•The student will be able to design and implement interactive web pages.
•The student will be able to list the fundamental concepts of programming languages.
•The student will be able to explain each of those fundamental concepts.
•The student will be able to explain and utilize a wide range of the features available in the JavaScript programming language.
•The student will be able to write complex interactive scripts using JavaScript.
•The student will be able to analyze programming requirements in order to understand what data and processes are involved in the system.
•The student will be able to design a modular approach to satisfy those requirements.
•The student will be able to organize program code in web pages to implement the design.
•The student will be able to verify that the results obtained satisfy the original requirements.

You must have a 60% or higher average on class exams in order to be eligible to earn a C- or above grade for the course, unless the professor sees significant improvement throughout the semester. In other words, unless you average a 60% or higher on the exams your course score will be at most a D. This is intended to discourage getting excessive external help on assignments, since students cannot be prepared for exams without doing and understanding the assignments.  You may need a computer account because some exams may be administered in the computer labs.

Make-up Exams & Quizzes
No make-up exams will be given regardless of the reason for absence. Instead, a comprehensive exam will be given at the end of the semester to those students who have missed an earlier exam. The grade on the comprehensive exam will replace at most one zero score for a missed exam. It may be possible to make arrangements to take an exam early if there is a valid reason.  No make-up quizzes will be given, regardless of the reason for absence.

Final Exam
The scheduled date for the final exam is shown on the class schedule. If you are unable to take the exam during that period then you are advised to withdraw from the class.

Assignments that are not submitted on the due date will be subject to grading penalties of 20% per day. Assignments cannot be graded until all students have submitted their work, so prompt submission is essential. Once assignments have been graded, late submissions will not be accepted.

Grading Rubrics
Grading rubrics are available for assignments in order to provide students with a checklist-like structure with which to assess assignments. This gives students the opportunity to "grade" their assignments before the professor does. If you notice any contradictions between the rubric and the assignment, notify the professor immediately for guidance.

In order to "encourage" students to actually make use of the rubrics, you will be required to submit the rubric with each assignment. You must check off each item that you complete. If you check off an item or items that you did not do, you may receive a 0 for the assignment. This requires students to pre-grade assignments before they are turned in and hopefully will result in higher grades.

Practice Exercises
Practice exercises are provided to help students gain additional hands-on experience. They are required because they cover some topics/skills that may not be discussed in the lectures. In addition, if your final letter grade is borderline, your performance on exercises will determine if the professor "bumps up" your grade.

Extra Credit
No extra credit will be given.

Academic Integrity
Academic integrity is expected at Idaho State University and the College of Business. All forms of academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, are strictly prohibited, the penalties for which range up to permanent expulsion from the university with "Expulsion for Academic Dishonesty" noted on the student's transcript. If you are unclear as to what constitutes academic dishonesty, read the College of Business Policy on Academic Integrity and the ISU Student Code of Conduct.

Grade Distribution
This class utilizes the grade scale below. Please note that final grades are assigned based on student performance on assignments and exams and are not negotiable. Extra credit assignments are not available.
Grade    –                  +
A 90.00 – 91.99    92.00 – 100.00 
B 80.00 – 81.99    82.00 – 87.99 88.00 – 89.99
C 70.00 – 71.99    72.00 – 77.99 78.00 – 79.99
D 60.00 – 61.99    62.00 – 67.99 68.00 – 69.99
F  00.00 – 59.99

Required Textbook
JavaScript: Definitive Guide                         
 ISBN-13 978-0-5968-0552-4

Basic data analysis
Basic scripting
Secure design practices

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