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INFO 4415 System Certification 1 -3 Credits

Course Designator INFO 4415 INFO 5515 and INFO 6615
Course Title: System Certification
Course Length: Fifteen contact hours, five three hour sessions plus research time. Total duration 15 weeks.
Course Description: Describes and Techniques and methods for certifying a system is in compliance with national and governmental Information Assurance standards. Evaluates various certification methodologies
Prerequisites INFO 4411 and INFO 4414
Course Learning Objective: This course covers the basics of Information Systems Security Certification. The System Certifier is an individual or a member of a team which performs the comprehensive multidiscipline assessment of the technical and non-technical security features and other safeguards of an information system in an operational configuration, made in support of the accreditation process. The Certifier(s) identifies the assurance levels achieved in meeting all applicable security policies, standards and requirements for the senior management who in turn determines whether or not an information system and/or network is operating within the bounds of specified requirements and at an acceptable level of risk
Major Topics:
  • Certification Evaluation
  • Compliance Validation
  • Conducting Registration
  • Developing Recommendation To Senior Management
  • Documentation of Mission Need
  • Maintenance Of The System Security Authorization Agreement
  • Performing Certification Analysis
  • Performing Negotiation
  • Preparing System Security Authorization Agreement
  • Supporting Systems Development
Competencies Competencies for this course are found on this website. Students may qualify at entry, intermediate and advanced levels. Students should submit the competencies form for evaluation prior to the examinations. CNSS Standards my be found here CNSS 4015.
Method of Instruction: Students working with organizations selected by INFO 4414. They are expected to develop certification plans of each organization. Little course activity is focused on lecture. This is a practical course that begins to form the capstone for the program.
Evaluation Methods: Students are evaluated based on their overall performance in performing simple certifications and certification plans.
Student Enrollment:  
NIATEC National Science Foundation Information Assurance Directorate Department of Homeland Security CISSE Scholarship For Service