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Module 7 (Corporate Security Management)

Module seven (Corporate Security Management) deals with top management and policy considerations. Responsibilities of managers vary, depending on their level in an organization, and this module introduces differences in responsibilities at various levels of management. The role of the System Security Officer (in organizations large enough to warrant a SSO) is discussed.

A corporate security management plan needs the involvement of all levels of management to ensure that the program is properly and thoroughly implemented. The program should clearly identify local, state, and federal legislation that defines responsibility to ensure that all members of the corporation understand and are able to implement a specified plan. Ultimately, the corporation is held responsible for the accuracy and integrity of corporate data.

This module is intended to be included as part of a course, such as the CIS/86-18 (Information Resource Planning and Management). Other courses, such as those specialized in security or data processing management concepts, might include this material, at least in outline. A Business Policy course that has a significant MIS component could benefit from including this module as a case study or as part of examining the responsibilities of senior management to interact with the external environment.

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