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Lower Division Computer Science courses that have an Information Assurance element.

CS 1187 Applied Discrete Structures

Discrete structures in computer science and electrical engineering. Boolean algebra and logic: sets, functions, and relations; iteration, recursion, and induction; algorithms, programming in pseudo code, basic counting principles; graphs and trees; and other selected topics from discrete mathematics. Cross-listed as Math 1187.

CS 2275 Computer Organization and Assembly

Computer organization is examined from the perspective of instructions, including the central processor, busses, input and output units, and memory units. Instruction sets, loaders and linkers, assembly language, address computation, and other architecture-related functions. Uses a different programming language.

CS 2282 Advanced Programming

Advanced object oriented programming and software OOP design and development in a modern object-oriented language not previously used. Event driven programming. Elementary threading. UML. Includes a significant software project.


NIATEC National Science Foundation Information Assurance Directorate Department of Homeland Security CISSE Scholarship For Service