Applied Risk Releases Report Revealing Companies are Struggling to Keep Up with Cyber Attack Defenses


  • Issue

    07 December 2021

  • Editor

    Dan McCarthy

  • Editor in Chief

    Amery Smock

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  • Analysis

    Applied Risk released a report revealing that companies are struggling to develop their OT (operational technology) security defenses at a pace comparable to the speed of cyber-attackers. The OT landscape is becoming more and more complex due to a convergence between information technology, operational technology, and cybersecurity. The report can be found in the sources link below [1].

    The report takes into account issues that surround people, processes, and technologies that underlie current conditions in OT security. The report notes the sector has been shaped by numerous factors including lower-than-ideal staff levels, supply chain issues, nation-state attacks, rising number of sophisticated cyber-attacks, adoption of risk-based and OT-specific standards, and the failure to adopt enabling technologies. We suggest all companies to stay up to date on guidance from the industry's best cybersecurity professionals.

  • Sources

    [1] Report: Architecting the Next Generation for OT Security.

  • Analyst

    Ryan Bringhurst

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