Energy and Commerce Committee Hearing on Pipeline Reliability Bill


  • Issue

    07 December 2021

  • Editor

    Dan McCarthy

  • Editor in Chief

    Amery Smock

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    The Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday, December 7, at 10:30 a.m. (EST) entitled “Securing our Energy Infrastructure: Legislation to Enhance Pipeline Reliability.” The committee and subcommittee chairs released a joint statement highlighting the importance of pipeline security and reliability in the wake of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, and the failure of Texas’ natural gas infrastructure during a winter storm.

    The congressmen proposed creating a new entity charged with developing enforceable pipeline reliability standards, including cybersecurity, similar to the electric sector [1]. This hearing builds on a DHS Security Directive issued on July 20, 2021, mandating cybersecurity measures for critical pipelines transporting hazardous liquids and natural gas [2].

    We recommend that parties in the pipeline industry and industrial cybersecurity sector stay abreast of the hearing and potential legislation. Increased government regulation of critical pipelines offers increased opportunities for those industrial cybersecurity firms positioned to provide essential services.

  • Sources

    [1] House Committee on Energy & Commerce Press Release
    [2] DHS Cybersecurity Requirements for Critical Pipeline Owners and Operators

  • Analyst

    Joseph Agres

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