Lawrence H. Beaty


Knowledge and skill to sustain and enhance the instructional excellence of the nationally recognized Energy Systems Technology and Education Center (ESTEC) at Idaho State University as it prepares and graduates successful energy industry technicians.  Proven leadership skills, managerial abilities, and vision to leverage ESTEC’s record of student success and energy industry satisfaction with campus, regional and national relationships and technical expertise, to further develop the Center as a technical education and applied research asset at ISU. Nine years of combined classroom and laboratory teaching experience, intensive energy systems curriculum development, and federal grant writing and management.
Thirty years of broad-based industrial experience in power systems:
• Nuclear
• Combined Cycle
• Gas turbines
• Fossil Power Boilers
• Waste and alternate fuels

Specialized experience in thermal dynamics, combustion turbines, advanced power cycles, distributive control development, installation and start-up with an excellent understanding of detailed mechanical, electrical, and systems design.

Idaho State University Pocatello, ID  
Energy Systems Technology and Education Center (ESTEC) Executive Director June 2012-Present (Serving as Interim Executive Director, May 2011)
Responsible for direct oversight of Energy Center budget, faculty, facilities and operations. Provides supervision for 12 faculty and 5 staff, PI or Co-Pi on or oversight of grants from IDoL, NRC, Battelle, NEUP, and PNCECE. Responsible for faculty development and coordination of industry and other donations. Provide advice and counseling for students. Develop future objectives and establish and implement the goals of the Energy Systems Technology and Education Center.

Idaho State University Pocatello, ID  
ESTEC Associate Director for Curriculum and Laboratory, 2009-June 2012 (Serving as Interim Executive Director, May 2011-present)
Developed and implemented curriculum and laboratory training for Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Wind and Nuclear Operations Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science degrees as part of grants and contracts from the U.S. Department of Labor, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Idaho National Laboratory. Responsible for Center curriculum development and deployment, and provide guidance and oversight for faculty. Major accomplishments have included implementing 6 new AAS Degrees, a Technical Certificate in Renewable Energy, and more than 30 new courses. Designed and developed a state-of-the-art instructional laboratory that has received wide acclaim as the Best Practices model. Collaborate with faculty from ISU and other institutions to propose interdisciplinary research programs in Controls Systems, Engineering Education, and Energy Efficiency. Served as Principal Investigator for grants from the US DOE, Idaho DOL, and the Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy (PNCECE).

Active in the development of programs designed to increase the participation of women, under-represented individuals, and academically under-prepared individuals in the energy field. Work with the Idaho Pioneer Career Network to advance enrollment of women in energy fields.  Engage with tribal and educational leaders in the development of recruiting and retention strategies for Native American and First Nations members in the US and Canada. Responsible for implementation of the recently funded Successful Transitions to the Energy Profession (STEP) project (US DOLETA) for under-prepared adults. 

Part of the Nida advisory board to develop systems trainers for use in military, secondary and post-secondary education applications.  Developed the upper tier competency requirements for the national Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) Instrumentation and Controls Competency Models.  Develop and deliver content for the Idaho Science Technology and Math (iSTEM) to advance STEM education in Idaho k-12 schools. Develop and sustain relationships to support student internships in the energy industry and to foster faculty development opportunities.

Idaho State University Pocatello, ID  
Faculty, 2003-2009

Instructed students Energy Systems Instrumentation and Controls Engineering Technology, Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology, Energy Systems Wind Energy Technology and in the theory and operation of electronics components and circuits including amplifiers, filters, and electrical control systems. Served as Co-PI on grants from NSF and US DOL to design and develop ESTEC course and curriculum. Promoted to Associate Director upon establishment of ESTEC.

United States Power Technologies Fort Smith, AR
Power Systems Analyst, 2001-2003

Provided management and technical oversight for USPT acquisition and operation of commercial power stations. Provided thermal and electrical production models for IPP and Utility plant design, construction and testing.

GE Power Systems Schenectady, NY
Project Manager, Europe-Middle East, 1995-2001

Responsible for technical and financial aspects of various large power projects in the Europe, Asian subcontinent and the Middle East. Projects range in value from $230 million to 1.9 Billion USD. Power Plant Number 9, located near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the largest combined cycle plant designed to operate in desert conditions. As site manager of the $1.9 billion project, supervised three major subcontractors and more than 5000 workers to bring the 2000 MW plant online during the scheduled contract period.

BBA Energy Services Atlanta, GA
Vice President, 1991-1995

Directed the Energy Services division of a consulting firm that provided technical and project management services to investor-owned and private power companies, architects, and engineers; fulfilled both management and technical functions for the firm. BBA Energy Services projects ranged from 10 MW to 2000 MW (Bristol-Myers to Midland Cogen).
While at BBA Energy Systems, served as Adjunct Faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology.

GE Power Systems (PPSD)
Power Systems Controls Director, 1987-1991 

Provided technical and management support to domestic and international projects. Performed primary technical support in the areas of control and system engineering. Performed management support as corporate representative for on-site problem resolution and negotiation to ensure timely project startup and completion. Specific assignments included all PPSD Datatronic installations with a substantial on-site presence, as well as project support of all PPSD combined-cycle installations. Served on the F7 development team and directed testing of the initial installation of the Virginia Power Chesterfield Unit 7, Frame 7F, prototype project. During tenure as Power Systems Controls Director provided overall systems design consultation and testing responsibility for various power facilities. Provided system engineering and control engineering support for many other projects. Qualified and experienced in ASME performance test implementation, protocol monitoring and analysis, system and control engineering, project scheduling, budget preparation, financial control administration, and personnel recruitment and management. Assisted in sales proposal work for GE including design reviews, project scheduling, and cost estimation.

Project experience at GE Power Systems included:
Cogen Technologies - Bayonne, NJ
Three 3 x 6 165 MW STAG Frame 6's, combined cycle. Responsible for the final stage test and field checkout of the Datatronic, Mark IV and Mark III controls for this project. Served as the PPSD start-up manager as the contact point for the resolution of all field-reported engineering problems. Participated in the design review of the project emission monitoring system.  Review identified several major problems in the existing emissions control and monitoring system. Resolution of these problems was implemented; the project emission test was accepted by the state on its first test date. Responsible for plant performance test development and implementation.

TALKA - Egyptian Electric Authority (EEA) - Talka, Egypt
Two STAG 405's, total 250 MW, eight Frame 5's combined cycle. Provided site-to-headquarters interface for plant control problem resolution and plant mechanical system design problems. Supported development of initial and retest procedures for combustion turbine engineering enhancements. Supported PPSD to TTD interface and the development and implementation of the performance test. Negotiated acceptance of technical resolutions with EEA.
Fayetteville PWC - Fayetteville, NC
One STAG 605 plus two MS5001P's, total 225 MW, six Frame 5's, combined cycle. Provided direct on-site start-up support and engineering support during a short-cycle start-up of unit. Developed and implemented performance tests for simple and combined cycle units. After commercial operation,
implemented the plant master control system which allowed one-button, automatic start of the plant. Negotiated contract and warranty closure.

ICPL - Baroda, India
One STAG 206, total 75 MW, two Frame 6's combined cycle. Provided start-up and headquarters engineering support for this combined-cycle process steam plant.

Powersmith - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
One STAG 107E, total 110 MW, one Frame 7EA combined cycle. Determined planning, spare-part purchases, and schedule for this MS 7001EA Datatronic-controlled plant.

GE Power Systems-Modesto Energy Project Wesley, CA 
Site Control Engineer, 1986 to 1987

Monitored installation and start-up of the tire-fired plant consisting of two traveling-grate boilers and one steam turbine. Fully automatic control system comprised two GE Series 6 PLC's, and a vendor-supplied boiler control system. Bailey Net 90 handled whole tires without any fuel preparation, requiring only one employee to load tires into the hopper at the storage site 4/10 of a mile from the plant.

Additional Power Plant Projects:
WAPDA Project - Guddu, Pakistan Two STAG 209E's, total 600 MW, two Frame 9's combined cycle.
 Shang an Project – Shag An, China Two coal-fired steam turbines, 352 MW each.
 CAPCO 1 and 2 Projects - El Nido, California Agricultural-waste-fired boiler, total 20 MW each, burning rice hulls, cotton stalks, and other agricultural waste.
 Redding Power Project - Redding, California Wood-fired boiler, total 25 MW.
 ANR Project – Capitol District Cogen Hartford, Connecticut, One STAG 106E, total 65 MW, one Frame 6 combined cycle.
 TBA Project - Bethpage, New York Two LM 2500's STAG combined-cycle, 75 MW.
 Cairo South Project - Cairo, Egypt, UAR Three Frame 9E's simple-cycle, 100 MW.
 Lama Dien II Project - Daqing, China One STAG 106, total 65 MW, Frame 6 single-shaft, combined cycle.
 JCPL Project - Oyster Creek, New Jersey Two simple-cycle, Frame 6's, 75 MW.
  Karamay, China One STAG 106, Frame 6, combined-cycle 55 MW.

United States NAVY
Reactor Control Specialist, 1980-1986

Operated and maintained various reactor and steam-plant control systems. Participated in the development of energy research at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. Assigned to the Advanced Submarine Nuclear Propulsion Project advanced reactor controls development team.

IQPC 6σ Quality Management           1998
General Electric Turbine University   1987
United States Navy Nuclear Power School  1983
United States Navy Electronics School   1980

 Nuclear Energy Institute, Region IV Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Task Force, 2008 to present
 American Wind Energy Association, Education Advisory Committee, 2008 to present
 Pacific Northwest Center for Excellence in Clean Energy, Member of Board of Governors, 2010 to present
 CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute, ISU representative
 CEERI Industrial Assessment Center, faculty
 Idaho Wind Working Group, ISU representative
 Idaho Solar Working Group, ISU representative

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