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INFO 5313 Continuous Monitor, Intrusion Analysis, Response 3 credits

Using principles continuous monitoring and baselines, develop knowledge and understanding of the strategies, techniques and technologies used in attacking and defending networks and how to design secure networks and protect against intrusion, malware and other hacker exploits. Introduces methods of attacking and defending a network; design of secure information infrastructure: servers, networks. firewalls, workstations, and intrusion detection systems. Intrusion detection and network monitoring techniques; worms, viruses and other malware: operation, detection and response; principles of penetration testing for assessment of system security; hacker exploits, tools and countermeasures. Investigative techniques. ethical, legal and privacy issues. PREREQ: INFO 5511, INFO 5507 and INFO 3380 or permission of instructor.

Sample Security Content:

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Intrusion detection
  • Incident response
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