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INFO 4407 Database Design and Implementation 3 credits

Design and implementation of multi-user relational DBMS. Use of stored procedures, advanced SQL, query optimization, transaction processing, DBMS information assurance and administration. Secure object-oriented design, programming and UML.

CIS 4407 Database Design & Implementation
Sankara-Subramanian “Sankar” Srinivasan
BA 539
College of Business
Idaho State University
Class Hours: T-TR 1:00 – 2:15 pm
Office Hours: T-TR 2:45 – 4:45 pm

Course Description
This course is designed to provide an overall understanding of the design and implementation of relational database management systems. Use of stored procedures, advanced SQL, transaction processing, and DBMS information assurance will be among the topics covered. A database design and manipulation project will be undertaken using a database management system like MySQL in order to allow the student to develop a fuller understanding of database usage.
CIS 1120 or CS 1181
CIS 4403
The Database Book: Principles & Practice Using MySQL, 2nd Edition, Gehani
ISBN-13 978-0-929306-45-2
This course will use current technology, so in order to do assignments at home your operating system must be Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
Course Objective
The student will be able to
- list and explain the fundamental concepts of a relational database system.
- analyze database requirements and determine the entities involved in the system and their relationship to one another.
- develop the logical design of the database using data modeling concepts such as entity-relationship diagrams.
- create a relational database using a relational database package.
- manipulate a database using SQL.
- assess the quality and ease of use of data modeling and diagramming tools.
- list and explain the fundamental concepts of triggers and stored procedures.
- define transactions in SQL.

Grade Distribution
GRADE  -  +
A  90.00 – 91.99  92.00 – 100.00
B  80.00 – 81.99  82.00 – 87.99  88.00 – 89.99
C  70.00 – 71.99  72.00 – 77.99  78.00 – 79.99
D  60.00 – 61.99  62.00 – 67.99  68.00 – 69.99
F  00.00 – 59.99

Database managements
Secure SQL scripting practices
Fundamental security design principles

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