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INFO 4430 Web Application Development 3 credits

Focuses on the development of dynamic, online applications using a programming language like PHP or ASP.Net and a relational database. The course will consider Secure Software Implementation/Coding, which involves secure coding practices, avoiding vulnerabilities, and reviewing code to ensure that there are no errors in the code or security controls. PREREQ: INFO 3307. D

Course Objectives
•The student will understand how businesses are using e-commerce.
•The student will be able to implement a variety of web-based information systems.
•The student will be able to make appropriate technological choices regarding system implementations
•The student will learn the basics of a server-side programming language.
•The student will be introduced to online databases.
•The student will be able to use a server-side programming language to generate web pages with content extracted from online databases.
•The student will gain experience using a Web Content Management System.
•The student will become familiar with topics like search engine optimization, site promotion, analytics, and site security.

Effortless E-Commerce with PHP & MySQL
 ISBN-13 978-0321656223

You must have a 60% or higher average on class exams in order to be eligible to earn a C- or above grade for the course, unless the professor sees significant improvement throughout the semester. In other words, unless you average a 60% or higher on the exams your course score will be at most a D. This is intended to discourage getting excessive external help on assignments, since students cannot be prepared for exams without doing and understanding the assignments.

Make-up Exams & Quizzes
No make-up exams will be given regardless of the reason for absence. Instead, a comprehensive exam will be given at the end of the semester to those students who have missed an earlier exam. The grade on the comprehensive exam will replace at most one zero score for a missed exam. It may be possible to make arrangements to take an exam early if there is a valid reason.  No quiz make-ups will be given, regardless of the reason.

Final Exam
The scheduled date for the final exam is shown on the class schedule. If you are unable to take the exam during that period then you are advised to withdraw from the class.

Assignments and projects that are not submitted on the due date will be subject to grading penalties of 20% per day. Assignments and projects cannot be graded until all students have submitted their work, so prompt submission is essential. Once assignments have been graded, late submissions will not be accepted.

Graduate Credit
Students taking this course for graduate credit are required to do additional work. That work includes one of the following, as determined by the professor:
• An additional scholarly activity such as: ◦integrative term paper(s)
   ◦substantive report(s) that may be one of the following: survey, analysis and report, library research and report
• Classroom activities that are beyond those required of undergraduates and are evaluated: ◦special presentation of some subject
   ◦provision of leadership on discussion of some significant topic in the classroom
   ◦classroom activity that is evaluated and not required of undergraduates

Extra Credit
No extra credit will be given. Therefore, it is important to begin the semester with the knowledge that exams and assignments will constitute your entire grade.

Academic Integrity
Academic integrity is expected at Idaho State University and the College of Business. All forms of academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, are strictly prohibited, the penalties for which range up to permanent expulsion from the university with "Expulsion for Academic Dishonesty" noted on the student's transcript. If you are unclear as to what constitutes academic dishonesty, read the College of Business Policy on Academic Integrity and the ISU Student Code of Conduct.

Grade Distribution
This class utilizes the grade scale below. Please note that final grades are assigned based on student performance on assignments and exams and are not negotiable. Extra credit assignments are not available.
Grade    –             +
A 90.00 – 91.99   92.00 – 100.00 
B 80.00 – 81.99   82.00 – 87.99 88.00 – 89.99
C 70.00 – 71.99   72.00 – 77.99 78.00 – 79.99
D 60.00 – 61.99   62.00 – 67.99 68.00 – 69.99
F  00.00 – 59.99

Sample Security Content:

  • Basic scripting
  • Basic programming
  • Secure design fundamentals
  • Secure programming practices
  • Software assurance
  • Lifecycle security
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