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INFORMATICS MAJOR (Updated: Spring 2014)

The Informatics major prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including systems analysis, software and web development, and computer operations.  With a breadth of course offerings that include an emphasis on problem solving, communication, programming, process modeling, project management, and business, INFO majors are valuable to employers both for their technical skills as well as their ability to solve organizational problems.  All modern organizations rely on information technology to function, and INFO majors are uniquely positioned to apply that technology to effectively support an organization's operations.

Required Courses (12 cr):    
INFO 1181 Informatics and Programming I 3 cr
INFO 1182 Informatics and Programming II 3 cr
INFO 2285 Software and Systems Architecture 3 cr
INFO 3307 Business Analysis and Design 3 cr
INFO 3380 Networking and Virtualization  3 cr
INFO 4407 Database Design & Implementation 3 cr
INFO 4485 Systems Development & Implementation Methodologies 3 cr
INFO 4482 or INFO 4493 Informatics Senior Project or Advanced Business Informatics Internship 3 cr
Plus TWO of the following (6 cr):    
INFO 4411 Intermediate Information Assurance 3 cr
INFO 4420 Health Care Informatics 3 cr
INFO 4422 Health Care Informatics Security 3 cr
INFO 4424 Health Care Supply Chain and Software Axquistion 3 cr
INFO 4430 Web Application Development 3 cr
CIS 4432 Mobile App Development 3 cr
CIS 4482 Informatics Senior Project 3 cr
CIS 4486 Data Analytics 3 cr
CIS 4487 Software Systems Study 3 cr
CIS 4488 Senior Project 3 cr
CIS 4491 Special PRoblems in Business Informatics 3 cr
CIS 4499 Experimental Course 3 cr
MGT 4482 Project Management 3 cr

Students must receive a grade of better than C- in all required or elective Business Informatics courses applied toward the major or minor requirements. In consultation with their major advisors, students may also use courses outside the College of Business to satisfy elective requirements.

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