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General Education Requirements

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree must complete Goals 1-9, 10A or 10B, and 11-12. (Note that certain may be met by specific COB requirements listed below: Goal 3 by MATH 1160 or by MATH 1130 and MATH 1143; Goal 11 by ECON 2201 and 2202.)

College of Business Graduation Requirements

Several of the specific graduation requirements listed below may also be used to satisfy General Education Requirements (Goals 1-12).

ECON 2201-2202 Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics 6 cr
ENGL 1101 English Composition 3 cr
ENGL 1102 Critical Reading and Writing 3 cr
ENGL 3308 Business Communications 3 cr
COMM 2201 Business and Professional Speaking 3 cr
Either the following course:    
MATH 1160 Brief Calculus 3 cr
OR BOTH of the following two courses:    
MATH 1130 Finite Mathematics 3 cr
MATH 1143 College Algebra 3 cr
    TOTAL: 21 or 24 cr

NOTE: A minimum grade of C- (C Minus) or better is required to fulfill all COB Core Requirements, Major Requirements, and Specific Graduation Requirements. The C- or better requirement extends to satisfying prerequisites for all COB courses.

A minimum of 57 credits in courses not taught by the College of Business is required to graduate (see Suggested Electives). The minimum total required to graduate is 128 credits.

Core Requirements

To assure a minimum level of competence in all functional areas of business, the College of Business requires each student to complete the following courses:

ACCT 2201 Principles of Accounting I 3 cr
ACCT 2202 Principles of Accounting II 3 cr
BA 2200 Professional Development Seminar I 1 cr
BA 3301 Professional Development Seminar II 1 cr
BA 3302 Professional Development Seminar III 1 cr
BA 4400 Professional Development Seminar IV 1 cr
INFO 3301 Information Systems and Problem Solving 3 cr
INFO 3302 Information Systems 3 cr
FIN 3315 Corporate Financial Management 3 cr
FIN 3317 Fundamentals of Investments 3 cr
MGT 2216 Business Statistics 3 cr
MGT 2217 Advanced Business Statistics 3 cr
MGT 2261 Legal Environment of Organizations 3 cr
MGT 3312 Individual and Organizational Behavior 3 cr
MGT 3329 Operations and Production Management 3 cr
MGT 4460 Problems in Policy and Management 3 cr
MKTG 3325 Basic Marketing Management 3 cr
    TOTAL: 43 cr

College of Business Residency Requirement

Of the last 40 credits applied to meet graduation requirements, 32 must be completed in residence at Idaho State University including adult learning centers. At least half of all business credits taken to meet degree requirements and half of the credits used to meet specific major requirements must be taken in Pocatello or Idaho Falls. No more than 16 credits of correspondence or one-way media instruction may be used to satisfy degree requirements.

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