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Tim Cheney

Mondays 6:00-8:45

Text: Meiners/Ringleb/Edwards the Legal Environment of Business, Eighth Edition. There will also be handout material.

Purposes and Goals: the purposes of the course are to acquire an understanding of the legal environment in which businesses operate and the manner and means by which government regulates business activity, both directly and indirectly. The course will consider the laws and regulations in terms of intended goals and the considerations (sometimes conflicting) which must be taken into account.

By the end of the course students will understand and be able to explain:

  1. The primary laws and regulations which impact business.
  2. Why government regulates business activity.
  3. By what authority government regulates business activity.
  4. How government regulates business activity.
  5. The conflicting forces and interests at work regarding regulation.
  6. The concept of self regulation and the emerging concepts of “business ethics.”

Class: The class sessions will consist of a (hopefully) short lecture followed by discussion of text material, text problems, case studies, handouts and current events as they relate to the subject matter of the course. Despite the class size it’s hoped that students will participate in discussions. It’s assumed that all students will read the applicable text material before class. When appropriate, which may be often, substantial class time will be devoted to discussing current issues involving the legal environment of business and governmental regulation.


Grading: Grading will be based upon the following:

1. Three tests spaced throughout the semester. 75%

These may be multiple choice, short answer and/or essay. Grading of essay and short answer questions will be based upon clarity and detail as well as supported creative thought and argument. Each test will take approximately an hour.

2. A final exam which will be comprehensive. 15%

Items 1. and 2. will be the primary determinants of the course grade.

3. Three short-no more than two typed pages-memos regarding an issue in each section. These will be due on the last day of each section as set forth below. Each student will prepare a memo setting forth the following:

The issue they feel is most important in the section, or a related topic/aspect of the material.

Defining and explaining the issue as it relates to business.

Explaining why it’s important and how business should deal with the issue. 5%

4. Participation/News Articles. Attendance is important. Hopefully there will be a good deal of discussion. On certain days, as set forth below, students will be required to bring in a news article with a short write up indicating how the article relates to course material. 5%

Items 3. and 4. will be graded on a pass/no pass basis and will be used as a factor in borderline grade situations.

Our program is committed to all students achieving their potential. If you have a disability or think you have a disability (physical, learning disability, hearing, vision, psychiatric) which may need a reasonable accommodation, please contact the ADA and Disabilities Resource Center located in Graveley Hall, Room 123, 282-3599 as early as possible.


Office: BA 535 Phone: 282-3816 Email:

I’m generally in my office in the mornings. If you need to talk to me, call, email or see me at class to arrange a time. If you’re having trouble with the material DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE SEMESTER

Schedule of Material:


Mon 25  Introduction, Overview and Litigation


Mon 1 Labor Day-No Class

Mon 8 Chapters 1-4-Environment, Court System, Trials*, Resolving Disputes// Introduction to Constitutional Law

Mon 15  Chapter 5 Constitutional Law, Supreme Court 2002-2003

Mon 22  Chapter 6 Administrative Agencies, Review, News, Memo 

Mon 29 Test #1


Mon 6  Chapter 7 Torts, Chapter 8 Business Torts

Mon 13 Chapter 9 Intellectual Property (page 259 to end), Chapter 12 Bankruptcy (page 384 to end)

Mon 20 Chapter 10 Contracts, Review, News, Memo

Mon 27 Test #2


Mon 3 Chapter 15 Employment Law, Chapter 16 Employment Discrimination

Mon 10 Chapter 16 Employment Discrimination

Mon 17  Chapter 19 Antitrust, Chapter 20 Securities Regulation

Mon 24  Thanksgiving Week


Mon 1 Chapter 20 Securities Regulation, Chapter 21 International, Review, News, Memo

Mon  8 Test #3

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