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INFO 5513 Systems Security Administration 1-3 Credits

Course Designator INFO 5513
Course Title: Systems Security Administration
Course Length: Fifteen contact hours, five three hour sessions plus research time. Total duration 15 weeks.
Course Description: Outlines the basic principles of systems security administration. The student will be introduced to the methods and technologies associated with running a system to maintain privacy and security.
Prerequisites: INFO 4411/5511 and INFO 4485
Course Learning Objective: A System Administrator should able to describe and apply the appropriate actions to manage and administer the Information System(s) in a secure manner. To be acceptable, the description must be in accordance with applicable Information Assurance  regulations, policies, and guidelines.
Major Topics:
  • Background
    • Countermeasures/Safeguards
    • Education, Training, and Awareness
    • Procedures
    • Risk Management
    • Security Policy
  • Audit
    • Countermeasures/Safeguards
    • Policies/Procedures
    • Tools
  • Operations
    • Countermeasures/Safeguard
    • Management/Oversight
    • Policies/Procedures
  • Administrative
    • Countermeasures/Safeguards
    • Policies/Procedures
  • Access Control
    • Countermeasures
    • Mechanisms
    • Policies/Administration
    • Safeguards
  • Contingency
    • Configuration Management
    • Continuity of Operations
    • Countermeasures/Safeguards
Competencies Competencies for this course are found on this website. Students may qualify at entry, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Entry (1-274)
  • Intermediate (275-543)
  • Advanced (544-624)
Method of Instruction: This is a lecture and laboratory course. The lecture is used to establish the baselines for discussion. The lab portion of the course focuses on the administration and operation of their own server farm.
Evaluation Methods: There is a written final examination. In addition the students will be required to run a system during a 15 week period. The success of their systems security planning and operation will be evaluated.
Student Enrollment: 7-10 students per semester

This course summarizes the KSA requirements for CNSS 4013.

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