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Introduction to Information Assurance 3 Credits

Course Designator INFO 3310
Course Title: Introduction to Information Assurance. This course is not a Informatics elective however, it may be used as a pre-requisite to other information assurance courses.
Instructor: James Forst, PhD
Contat Information: Phone: 282-4549
Office hours: 11- noon, BA bldg. rm. 509
Course Length: 45 contact hours in sixteen weeks
Course Description: A survey course providing an introduction to the fields of Information Assurance and Privacy. Emphasizes legal and ethical components of information security practices. The course is designed primarily for non-INFO majors. Not applicable toward INFO major. D
Prerequisites Junior Standing -- Any law course
Course Learning Objective Student will be able to Define Information Assurance; Identify Risks Threats and Vulnerabilities; State Ethical Principles and Behave accordingly; Responsible Behavior in the Cyber Community; Explain Critical Infrastructure; Defend personal systems
Major Topics: This is an awareness course in information assurance designed for non-majors. It introduces the following topics
  1. Introduction to information assurance (extended McCumber model)
  2. Critical infrastructure and the critical information infrastructure
  3. Legal issues in information assurance
  4. Ethics and ethical behavior
  5. Personal responsibility in information assurance
  6. Hacking and social behavior
  7. Terrorism in the modern world
  8. Cyber Terrorism
  9. United States policy
  10. International policy -- Australia, Europe and Asia
  11. Defending infrastructure
  12. Forensics and investigation
  13. Economics of protection
  14. Developing a security posture
Method of Instruction: On line and lecture materials
Evaluation Methods: The students are evaluated based their understanding of the lecture materials through a term paper and examinations
Textbook: This is a class in Information Assurance. We will use resources from the internet as well as two books.
Security Awareness: Applying Practical Security in Your World [Paperback]
Mark Ciampa, ISBN-10: 1111644187; it is available from the Internet in hardcopy or digital format.
Breakpoint by Richard A. ClarkeISBN-10: 0399153780, this book is from 2007 and is available in hardcover, Kindle, audio CD, and paperback format affordably.
Grading Mid-term Exam: 20%
Research Papers: 45%
Final Exam: 25%
Participation: 10%
TOTAL: 100%
Student Enrollment: 30 -- 60 per year
NIATEC National Science Foundation Information Assurance Directorate Department of Homeland Security CISSE Scholarship For Service