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Idaho State University

Larry R. Leibrock, Ph.D.

Affiliate Professor

Information Assurance and Informatics

Professional Interests

Digital Forensics - Enterprise Information systems management practices, e-systems security/privacy issues,

  • Digital Information Security Practices: Assessments, Audits, Privacy Protection, Incident Response, Critical Infrastructures and Forensics Frameworks for Digital Data
  • Enterprise Systems – Extranet/Internet/Intranet Systems Management and New Information Technology Deployments - Work Group Support
  • Secure Computing Tools, Cryptographic and Steganographic Mechanisms, Key Infrastructures and Systems Survivability Procedures

Academic Education

Ph.D. - Information Sciences, University of Texas, 1994, Concentrations: Information Resources Management, Information Policy, Computer Networking and Systems Management. Dissertation -- The Polysemy of Computer Supported Collaborative Work: Experiments in Cognition, Education and Learning Organizations.

M.B.A - University of Texas, 1983 Master Thesis: Adventures in Decision Analysis: Pilot Decision Support System Employing Cardinal Utility Heuristics for Multiple Criteria Problems.

Graduate Studies in Area Studies, Operations Research, Computer Sciences, North Carolina State University, 1973-1975

B.A - Double Majors in Economics - Political Science and History, Midwestern University, 1970

Academic Appointments

  • Visiting Professor – IMADEC University, Vienna, Austria 2004
  • Associate Dean and Chief Technology Officer - McCombs College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Business -The University of Texas (retired August 2003)
  • J. Anderson Fitzgerald Centennial Fellowship in Information Systems-McCombs Business School - The University of Texas
  • Teaching Lectureships (non-tenured) in the Departments of Management Science and Information Systems, Accounting and Marketing -The University of Texas
  • Adjunct Professor – College of Law – The University of Texas 2001 and 2002
  • Professor of Practice - Goezieta Business School – Emory University – Atlanta 2001-2002
  • Visiting Professor – Helsinki School of Economics 2001-2003
  • Institute Technologica Monterrey (ITESM) – Mexico City and Monterey 2001 and 2002

Professional Experience

HQ CENTCOM CJ3/JS/FP/CI MacDill AFB - 06/2012 -GS Grade: 15
Operations Field Officer - Counter Improvised Explosives Devices - Central Asia
Serves as subject-matter-expert in improvised Explosive Devices and Home Made Explosives supporting - National Security Strategy, CENTCOM Campaign Plan and CDR ISAF's guidance - Specialized AFPAK knowledge-skills-experience – Senior Member of Joint Chief if Staff AFPAK HAND Program and IRAN CADRE Program – Currently attached – special duty to CENTCOM - Have current TS/Compartmented Intel clearance. Maintain Department of Justice, Homeland Security and Intelligence Community CIED liaisons – Part-time Adjunct Professor - National Intelligence University – Teaching Pakistan Intelligence Issues Graduate Course

7th Special Force Group - Kandahar, Afghanistan - 11/2011 - 06/2012 GS Grade: 15
Served as intelligence/operations officer for Special Forces/Civil Affairs program and operational support for Village Stability Counter-insurgency program - Developed force protection training to meetsuicide bomber, hostile shooter situations and developed/delivered Operating in High Risk Environments (HRE) - Conferred with Installation CDR to review operations security and force-protection requirements were being resolved- Received DOD Civilian Service Award and NATO ISAF Service Award

AFGHAN MILITARY ACADEMY Kabul, Afghanistan 01/2011 - 11/2011 - GS Grade: 15
Operations Officer planned, directed, coordinated and supervise the development of personnel conducting COIN training (COIN, Governance, Intelligence and CIED) for US, Allied and GIRoA (Afghan Military and Civilian personnel. Cross functional support for the Installation Operation Center. Provided intelligence training dealing with hostile shooter and IED attacks - Reviewed and supervised the development and implementation of forensics/intelligence training plans, operations, policies to meet collection requirements Implemented an OPSEC/COMSEC program for US and Afghan personnel.

Defense Intelligence Agency - AFPAK HAND Augmentation- 09/2009 - 01/2011 GS Grade: 15
Operations Officer utilized prior training, skills and experience in conducting bi-lateral intelligence operations which involved development, planning, direction, coordination and supervision of special intelligence/ops programs. Extensive training and use of photography, special forensics intelligence and HUMINT operations - Identified overall bi-lateral strategic and operation objectives and formulated developmental and operation plans for 25 personnel. With both US and Afghan stakeholders, reviewed and supervised the implementation of operational and strategic plans, policies and other action documents. Expert use of cell phone telephony, GPS and GEOINT tools - Received DOD Civilian Service Award

Weapons Technical Intelligence Operations Officer 07/2007 - 12/2009 Excepted Service-JIEDDO PM Office - Department of Defense assigned to Washington DC - Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan served in 3 deployments to OEF and OIF - Developed, deployed and supervised, cross-functional High-Value-Targets Team conducting CIED initiatives congruent with force-protection guidance and CDR's intent. Identified Special Access Program (SAP) overall objectives and formulated execution plans to meet CDR's guidance. Reviewed and supervised the implementation of interagency plans, reports, policies and directive documents. Delivered special IED briefing to Washington Metro police - Conducted special CIED training for State, Federal interagency partners in suicide attacks and post-blast incident response - Developed and delivered special IED collection training at field location. Delivered special crime-scene photography training for Federal, State and local force protection personnel - Maintained TS/SCI caveats

Operation Iraqi Freedom - Forensics Exploitation Operations Officer - Baghdad, Tikrit, Al Anbar, Diyala Iraq 07/2006 - 04/2007 Excepted Service - Operations Officer - Forensics and Exploitation Operations planned, staffed directed, coordinated and supervised the forensics/exploitation plans, collection-operations, skills-training and security programs for special exploitation cell. - Briefed base police and security reaction teams about CIED incident response - Utilized special tools to corroborate responses to tactical questioning and interrogations- Maintained TS Clearance

Chief Technology Officer and Senior Lecturer - University of Texas Austin, TX 06/1995 - 07/2006
Served as Chief Technology Officer for University of Texas Business School- Managed complex client/server environment supporting 4000 users- Developed and managed a 3 million dollar cost-recovery budget- Developed a 7/24 hour operations center to support systems availability and security for networks and users support. This operations center was based on detailed understanding and knowledge of installation operation center consistent with enterprise environment service-level agreements- Developed, validated and deployed a layered security framework based on detailed knowledge of site and installation security for information systems.

Served as University of Texas senior lecturer in graduate-level courses in:
a. Information technology management,
b. Internet Systems and computer security
c. IT project management and
d. Digital Forensics

Adjunct Professor at Emory University, Texas Instruments MBA, Mexico City MBA, Helsinki School of Economics – Co-Author Harvard Business School Case – Ipremier Denial of Service Attack

Served on State of Texas Critical Infrastructure incident planning team - Worked with Texas Incident Response center in responding to malicious penetration attacks - Developed training for Texas State and local government crisis response teams,

Battalion Commander (Part-Time) Texas Army National Guard 09/1990 - 09/1994
Served as Battalion Commander for a Mechanized Infantry Battalion located in south Texas- Responsible for all aspects of planning and execution in the areas of budgets, training, readiness, administration and logistics - Responsible for producing a full strength well trained infantry unit capable of being deployed into combat operations upon Federal/State emergency or Federal recall. Unit deployed to meet State disaster and performed at highest level during NTC rotation.

NIATEC National Science Foundation Information Assurance Directorate Department of Homeland Security CISSE Scholarship For Service