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Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I apply if I have an Associate's degree? Yes.
    • The only credit requirement is that you be able to complete the ISU computer information systems degree within two years and that you be able to 'Junior Rise' in the college. The issue is not total credits but rather how many transfer credits will apply to the ISU program. You should visit the Department of Computer Information Systems web page to review the actual curriculum of the degree that you would pursue.
  2. Am I required to work for two years even if I can obtain my degree faster? No.
    • The work requirement is a one for one match between the time you are supported and the time you are asked to work. So if you are supported for three semesters, then you would have a work obligation of one and a half years.
  3. Am I able to apply as a graduate student if my bachelor's degree is not in a computer related field? Yes.
  4. May I apply for the Scholarship for Service program if I have not yet been admitted to the MBA? Yes.
    • You may apply for the Scholarship for Service program at the same time as applying for the MBA program.  However, all candidates must be accepted into the MBA program before they can be considered for the SFS program.
  5. Can I apply for this program if I am interested in a PhD? No.
    • Only B.S. and MBA degrees are available through this program, although doctoral work is being considered for the future.
  6. Will it be possible to complete the service obligation at any one of the national laboratories, such as INL? No.
    • The national labs are run predominantly by contractors and as such the employees at the labs are contractor employees and not federal employees. The obligation associated with this program is a federal employment obligation.
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