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MBA 6639 MBA Paper

Course Designator MBA 6639
Course Title: MBA Paper
Course Length: 15 weeks
Course Description: Students will write a significant paper on cybersecurity, incorporating competencies gained during their MBA coursework.
Course Learning Objective: Students will demonstrate the cybersecurity and management competencies gained throughout their course of study. Students are encouraged to submit their papers to academic conferences and/or trade publications as may be appropriate.
Major Topics: Acceptable paper types include
  • Primary research
  • Structured literature review
  • Case study creation
  • Comparison of solutions/approaches
Method of Instruction: Paper supervisor will be available to discuss progress, and will meet with students at each milestone to discuss progress.
Evaluation Methods: Students will present their papers to other students and faculty members.


NIATEC National Science Foundation Information Assurance Directorate Department of Homeland Security CISSE Scholarship For Service