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Upper Division Computer Science courses with an information assurance element.

CS 3385 Data Structures and Algorithms

The design, construction, and analysis of data structures. Abstract data types, lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. Sorting, searching, hashing, Theory. Includes significant coding projects. Uses Linux. PREREQ: CS 2282, CS 2275 and (CS/MATH 1187 or MATH 2287 or MATH 2240).

CS 4477 Advanced Software Engineering and Project

Analysis, specification, design, implementation, and testing of a large software project. Formal approach and tools. Software lifecycles; human computer interaction; project and team management. Uses a different programming language. Cross-listed with INFO4488.

EE 4427/4427L Embedded Systems Engineering and Lab

Integration of algorithms, software and hardware to design real-time and embedded systems for signal processing and control. PREREQ: EE 4426. PREREQ or COREQ: EE 4427L.

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